How to Break Into Tech, Negotiate Salary, & Increase Diversity in STEM with Engineer Andrew BainesListen now (42 min) | Entering STEM fields from non-traditional backgrounds, funding alternatives to college, building in public, cold-pitching…
How to Train & Overcome Adversity Like an Ironman with Athlete Charlie RogersListen now (65 min) | Balancing data and intuition, blogging a book, & building a portfolio career
Patient Advocacy, Precision Medicine, Long Covid, & ME/CFS with Author Ryan PriorListen now (47 min) | Patient-led activism, healthcare technology, and economic prospects for long haulers
Technology for Good Health & Productivity with Avisha NessAiver of Distilled ScienceListen now (72 min) | Fitness trackers, digital second brains, muscle maintenance, & precision medicine
How to Have a More Equal Partnership: Gender Roles, Social Conditioning, Cognitive Labor, & Maternal GatekeepingListen now (9 min) | Kate Mangino discusses gender parity within the household
Unpacking Consciousness, Creativity, Spirituality, and Self-Compassion with Ricky Derisz of MindThatEgoListen now (76 min) | Bearing witness, holding space, finding balance, and growing through adversity
Untangling Absurdist Philosophy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, & Effective Altruism with Neuroscientist Natasha Mott, PhDListen now (40 min) | Emotional self-regulation, transgenerational trauma, and the nature of science
Strategies to Manage Stress & AnxietyListen now (12 min) | A prescription for resilience, negative visualization, and seeking stillness
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